A Journey with Love and Laughter

Read about our family as we journey through life as a family, with siblings, school and spina bifida, and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

The Ridding Family

So here we are. Amanda, Kyle, Katheryn and Nickolas Ridding.

Kyle and I have known each other since 2nd grade when we went to elementary school together, many years ago.

Recently looking over some Grade 5 pictures - look at these cuties!
Kyle and I would see each other off and on through highschool, say hi and maybe a couple of words, but then in 1999 we met  again one night - and clicked. We've been together ever since.
This is us in 1999 - we look so young!

This is us pre children (2006).

This was a couple of years ago (2013)
In 2006 we bought our first house and got our first 'baby' a Bernese Mountain Dog we named Sammie.

Then in 2008 we decided that it was time for our own family. We got pregnant with Katheryn very soon afterwards. And life became much more exciting! We discovered a whole new side of ourselves, each other and our relationship. We were a family. 

Just before Katheryn turned 1 year old, we found ourselves pregnant again. Surprise!
And aren't surprises so much fun!!!
This time we learned how we are as a family in the good times and the bad times. When life is carefree, and when life throws you a curveball. When we found out that Nickolas was going to be born with spina bifida, our whole lives changed. But neither of us can imagine it any other way!

Here is the '4' of us together 
2 weeks before Nickolas was born, and Nickolas with us at the hospital - before he was whisked away!


And then when we brought Nickolas home from the hospital - Katheryn fell in love. Nickolas is always one of the first things she wants to see in the morning, and one of the last things she wants to see at night. Now we are complete, now we are a whole family.
And as they are growing up, the kids remain very close.
A bit more about us. I am a labour and delivery nurse at a local hospital, and I have also worked as the nurse educator, I can combine my love of education with my love of nursing. I love what I do.

Just after Nickolas was born I finished my Masters of Science in Nursing.  I graduated June 2010. I should say we graduated in June - it was definitely not something I could have completed by myself.

Kyle is an excellent, loving father and partner, but when he's not doing that, he is an electrician. He is not online alot - so really I can say whatever I want about him! (And you might have noticed that he doesn't smile for pictures) He is pretty camera shy and I'm lucky to get him posing for any pictures, let alone get him unawares!

I am also trying to be as active as I can be in raising awareness of spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I have my blog, do fundraising throughout the year and talk about my kids ALL THE TIME. I am online in a number of different spina bifida forums, and really like to connect with other parents. I also talk with students at a local college about spina bifida and what it is like being a mother of a child with spina bifida. When Nick started going to school, I make up pamphlets every year to send into school for the kids and teachers.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to chat, have any questions, or just want to connect with someone. If you are interested in knowing what I talk about - I have a powerpoint presentation - because you thinking of doing something similar, or would like me to talk to a class or group. Please, please, please don't hesitate in contacting me!

Our family has grown as I've been writing this blog.
We have 2 new dogs in our family (and lost Sammie in January 2016). The kids are going to school together,  we got to camp, play sledge hockey, go to Beavers and Brownies. Really we are just a normal family, we just have a couple of extra stuff to consider

Oh yeah! And in 2015 Kyle and I got married.

That is pretty much the end of our family's story - or is it the beginning?