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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wedding Time

Today my sister got married
It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. I have never seen her so happy!
And she was beautiful!
 The kids got to participate as well.
We had the ring bearer and the flower girl.
We attached the ring to Nick's walker, and Katheryn had bubbles to blow.

There wasn't enough room for both kids to go, so Nick went first and Katheryn went behind him.
As you see in the background, the flagstones were a bit uneven, but Nick did fantastic and Katheryn didn't have to help at all.
(Much better than at the rehearsal, when he tipped over and hit his head on the stones)

My sister got them the purple accessories so we all matched!
(I couldn't get Kyle to try the purple)

After the ceremony the kids loves playing in the fountain

Or just watching

Katheryn wasn't very happy with posing for pictures, but we did get  some out of them with kind of a smile

And of course some with the bride.

As the maid of honor I followed them when they went for photos, and tried to catch off-moment ones that were different from their professional photographer (and not getting in her way)

And of course I had to be in some pictures too

Afterwards we went to the reception dinner.
It was nice and intimate. The wedding only had about 25 close family and friends invited.
Laura had only decided they were going to get married 6 weeks ago.

The kids had fun playing with my best friend, Lisa's kids, as well as her I-phone.

And Kyle felt that 9pm was an appropriate time for Nick to try coffee for the first time.

He made this face every time, but had about 3 sips before saying no more.

 Congratulations to Jamie and Laura Mack!
Welcome to the craziness that is our family!

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  1. Adorable! Gorgeous! Congratulations to your sister!