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Monday, September 23, 2013

The short bus

This is one of the things that I found challenging last year. Any time I thought about school, there is was... front and centre.
My son will be riding the 'short bus'.
He will be identified before he even gets off the bus.
As he rides through the neighborhood.

Just this weekend I was watching a movie that brought it all up again.
One of the "funny" insulting lines that one character called another. "Hey short-bus"
Because, you know, it is really witty to make fun of children who are different.

And then almost the very next day one of the my co-workers brought up 'the short bus'.
Her daughter had asked why she had to ride a big bus with only 5 or 6 other kids, why couldn't she ride in the small buses? Wouldn't it be more energy efficient?
And my co-worker realized that she didn't know what the 'short bus' was.

And I have noticed a number of buses through the neighborhood.
It is nice to know that there are kids who are growing up not knowing this derogatory term.

So the anger I felt at hearing the term on a movie, made me feel better that it might hopefully be only my own generation who see this as negative.
And kids these day may just see it as environmentally friendly.

My own feelings about the 'short bus' I continue to work with.
It is here, it is needed, Nickolas loves riding the bus, the bus driver is fantastic. So I pretty  much just need to get over it.
And if people want to make judgements based on what kind of vehicle Nick arrives in, then I probably don't want to know them anyways.
Nick loves his 'short bus' and it meets all of our needs.

I will have to deal with my concern with busing next year when he is with Katheryn. But that is a whole year from now!

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