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Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School... For real

We had some big first day of school this year!
Katheryn started SK last Tuesday, and she was nervous at first, we only found out who her teacher was and who were in her class the Friday before.
And Nick started JK today.
Oh my! They look so big!
And for being so good and posing for first day of school pictures.
I get to take some funny face ones too!
We've done lots of talking with Nick about school, and how he was going to have his teacher, and other students. And it would be fun.
So he has started to get excited about going.
(After the initial pictures I let Nick put his sweater on, it was kinda cool out)
Then it was time to wait for the school bus!
When we did our tour of the school in June we got to go on the bus, but Nick had been in his walker, so he didn't get to go on the ramp. But Nick will be taking his wheelchair on the bus (and leaving his walker at school for now).
So we got him all buckled on and ready.
He got a little jumpy when it first started moving, just it goes super slow and I even got a wave! 
We got him into his seat and then all of the tying up and seat belts and everything came in.
(notice the canes on the back - yeah I got in trouble for that, apparently it isn't safe to have canes on the back of the wheelchair)
More straps, nice and secure, and closer to leaving...
And then Jennifer (his daycare) and I were going to be going, and he was going to be on his way to his first full day of school!
And Nick started to get nervous, I could still get a smile out of him.
But this is definitely his nervous face...
We talked about his teacher, and the classroom and that he got to ride a bus. So he knew he was going to be having fun, but he was still nervous about the change.

No tears (Nick or mommy). And then he was ready to go

Got another wave through the window.
And my little boy was off to his first full day of school.

I have a year to prepare for this day, and I did my research and know how important this is for him (besides which I have no desire to homeschool).
But it's that milestone.
Now he is going to school, all day, every day.
This is it!
It seems like we have worked hard to get this place, but also that it wasn't that long ago that we were here

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