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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of school... kind of

Nick's first day of school was  today.
For an hour.
We got to go for a parent-teacher interview, and Nick got the chance to explore a bit on his own time
 Yes Nick I'm still coming.

They had a time for us, and we were all welcomed!
Nick got to go and explore and I got to have the interview.
I sat with his teacher, 2 EAs, and then also the PT, OT, and S/L. And we talked for an hour.
We went over where we are, what goals we have, what to expect. Communication plan and also talk about therapy plans and parental involvement.
We covered bathroom and equipment and orthodics.

Nickolas in the meantime had disappeared and was off exploring.
When I tracked him down and asked him if he was excited to start school next week

 He said yes

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