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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthday Party... a la Backyardigans

So Nick has had it in his head that he will have a chocolate birthday cake with a backyardigans candle on it.
And I found one online... with $10 S&H. So I didn't get it. I thought... there will be one in the store... well there isn't. In all of the stores I looked at.
So it was up to me to be creative

Nick was happy so I guess it worked out.
Luckily I did buy some backyardigans stuff from another website (that didn't carry the candle)

And of course Nick wanted me to bring the houses.
This was the houses from his Halloween costume (his wheelchair one)

For Nick's birthday we decided to go bowling!

The had this ramp for Nick to use.
Nick's friend Antonella got to use it too

All the kids had fun.
We had 9 kids all together and about 15 adults, with 3 lanes or bowling

 It was definitely a winner for Nick!

If you are wondering about the hat...
Nick wanted to be another backyardigan... Pablo, the one with the helicopter hat

We generally kept track of who was up next, but it didn't really matter

I think the highest score was 115.

After bowling was time for pizza

And of course cake

And singing
He wasn't very sure about the singing

Oh no!
Not cutting into my beautiful creation!
(Nick might have gotten too much joy out of that one)
He was very specific that he only wanted to eat Pablo.

All of the kids got bowling medals

All of the kids were excited with this giant Pablo balloon

After lunch was the arcade
And then it was time to bring a tired boy home

 Oh yeah and presents

And smiles

 Nick had a FANTASTIC Backyardigans birthday party!


  1. Happy birthday nick you like this birthday and enjoying.

  2. Truly a fun party it was. I loved going through these photos. Our twins will turn 5 soon and we want to throw a funky party for them. Will also prefer booking one of the kids’ Los Angeles event venues for that.