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Friday, November 29, 2013

Song and Dance

We have had a lot of singing and dancing in the house lately

Nickolas has been cha-cha-chaing to any type of musical tune


Katheryn has been singing her bullying-awareness song

Katheryn actually sings everywhere. Especially in the public bathrooms.
Makes keeping track of her easily.

Katheryn has also been taking acro-dance classes, and it was her recital yesterday.

She had so much fun! Skipping and jumping, bridges and somersaults.

In the middle of it she kept coming over and hugging Nick.
Went well, until he accidently head-butted her in the nose.
After the crying she went back and finished.
They had time to pull someone from the audience to dance with
Nick grabbed Nick and kept dancing and spinning him.

Even after she ran him into the wall (which they both thought was hilarious) 

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