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Monday, November 25, 2013

School Update

So how is school going?

It's been a couple of months.
Nick is enjoying himself and learning

He rides the bus for about 1 hour in the morning and the afternoon (sometimes napping)
They obviously sing, and so he knows all the words of wheels on the bus.

Nick has gotten homework as well,
OT/ST related

And I've been talking with his physio as well.
Asking questions and trying to figure out orthodic stuff
(But I'll have a follow-up post all about that)

It is such a huge change not to be there when he is getting therapy.
How do I know what he is doing, or how he is doing

We are still having difficulty with Nick recognizing numbers and letters.
He can do a connect-the-dots puzzle, and can recognize the letters in his name, but doesn't know... or at least won't tell me... what the letter is.
Nick has also been writing his name

"Go to the top, go down... jump to the top... go down, then up" He says as he is writing a 'N'
He just won't say it is an "N"
But he says the N-I-C-K that I show him are in his name (or other letters aren't)

Nick has school friends, he likes his teachers.
He swims on Fridays

And Nick has started to learn how to read.
My mom told me how Nick is learning is how I taught my brother how to read.
Read the page, talk about it, use the pictures for clues

We read a book called "The Farm"
It started with I see a cow
I see a horse
He uses his 'popcorn finger' to follow the words and  uses the picture to read
He also has a list of 'popcorn' words and a song to learn these sight words

The one thing that we have to work on is his voice.
When I went for a teacher day they told me that Nick won't speak up for himself. One of the student volunteers put the wrong coat on him one day, and he didn't say anything, or put him in the wrong wheelchair, and he would say it is too small but not that it wasn't his.

So we are working on this. Trying to get him to speak up

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