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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Morning Workout

We have a new morning routine. We started it a couple of weeks ago (and this particular workout is from November 19th) and even though Nick is being his stubborn self at the beginning. We still did it.

Be sure to notice the expression on Nick's face - that "I can't believe she's making me work like this"

But mommy cuddles at the end (I guess I wasn't completely in his bad-books).
This day it took 20 minutes to walk the length of our dining room.
But he did it.

And he is still doing it.
It was hard that day. Hearing and watch Nick scream and struggle (and swear I'm sure),  was not how I wanted to start a Saturday morning.
But that pay-out has been incredible.

And he wasn't permanently scarred - a quick cuddle and everything was good!

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