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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CE - Continuing to be Extraordinary

We've been enjoying another semester of conductive education.
And we are continuing to see some great stuff. Our conductors are Abigail and Fugie (which I know I am spelling completely wrong - sorry!)
I brought my camera out a couple of weeks ago, to get some pictures of our conductive education session. We have been going weekly from October - December, 2 hours each Wednesday.
We have 2 conductors who are working with our very own spina bifida group.

I LOVE this peanut ball. It does wonders for Nick's balance. The more he's on it, the more he can sit all by himself. (I want to find one to have at home).

And one of the best parts of conductive education  - is that we are not alone!
You might recognize Alejandra from past posts - our walk, and also from helping hearts. Yup, Nick's first girlfriend.

We do alot of things to increase awareness of Nick's body. Like splashing in the water and seeing how his actions will move the toys. And feeling the water - even if Nick we aren't sure how much sensation he has in his feet.
Nick has started to move his toes more, before I would only see it sporadically. Now I see it all the time. I think getting Nick to look and pay more attention to what is going on down there is really making a difference!

Nick has been showing off these last couple of weeks.
He does less complaining when we get him moving in different ways, like this wheel barreling.

And when it's time to get up on the plinth (the plank table), Nick is a go-getter!.
He gets this look like. OK I know what you want, I can do this. And just starts pulling himself up.

We usually have some type of craft to do. Our theme this week was a fishing story (therefore the water and now the fishy sun catcher craft).
Lots of colours to choose and play with. This week Nick has decided to show off that not only does he know his colours and his numbers - but he feels like sharing this knowledge!

He really liked doing this artwork. The gluing and then patting down.
And voila! His own creation.

Then it was time to get going again.
Nick likes doing this part. He pushes himself back, stands up and then pulls himself up on the plinth. Just a 'OK mom, I got this'

Nick likes showing off one of his newest accomplishments. Crawling on his hands and knees (without shoes on his hands)

Gotcha! Flashlights are definitely an all-time favorite

OK fun's over. Time for more ... fun/work!
Kicking over some bowling pins. But to make it work harder, we've moved the bowling pin into a block. So now it's not just kicking, but lifting and kicking. It also helps Nick to see what we are doing too.
I've noticed that when Nick is flat, and I'm trying to get him to kick or something. He has problems seeing what I want him to do. Because 'duh! he's flat on his back and can't see. Once he knows what we want, he's pretty good with playing along.
We also work on isolating his legs. So instead of kicking with both legs, one legs stays straight and the other one moves. Helps Nick to learn about isolating his body.

And more play! Shake, shake shake!

Oops, and more work.
Look has upset that boy is. See that anger!

But look! See that leg staying up - all by itself!!
You go Nick!!!
This was definitely something that he wasn't do in September!

Nick definitely has his favourite things to do!
Putting rings on his feet

Rolling up and down - he was actually laughing

Then it was time for more walking!
These foot print things were great to get Nick to put his feet in the right spot - something we are working on. Because Nick usually just lets his legs go everywhere!
Abagail is helping with the walker, because the stoppers stick to the carpet.

The pads also make sounds - and of course they are coloured and numbered. (Learning everywhere!)
We got something similar at Nick's birthday.

The keep with the fishing theme - we went fishing!!
Nick is leaning against the wall and holding.

And because he had worked so hard today, we let him have a seat!

Finally we had some more 'cicle time' and let him sit - on a balance board.

It's no wonder this boy is so tired on the way home!

And because Nick is doing so well with the walking - we've started to walk out after we say good-bye.
And he is doing AMAZING! Last week Nick just kept walking and walking and walking!

Nick has been doing so great with this semester of conductive education.
Unfortunately with costs and time and travel, we have to take a break for the winter semester. I am so disappointed, but hope to start again in the spring.

I'm still hoping to get insurance to cover this semester of conductive education. We were lucky enough to get the summer 2 week semester funded by a local charitable organization - For the Love of a Child.

I think that Nick has been able to do so much because of the nature of conductive education. Making him aware of his body, and aware of what he can do. Repetition so that he feels that he is in control, and lots of stories and songs and fun, with some learning stuffed in there too!

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic and Nick is amazing! Keep up the good work! XO