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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Party, Party, Party with our Conductors

We got to go to our first Christmas party at March of Dimes.

Nick even had a date!

Yes, Nick and Alejandra had better get used to all of these cameras! Do you remember the picture of the 2 of them back in June? And of course we've spent the last 3 months every week working together.

The party was a great opportunity for Nick to be in a room of people and see how he moves with his walker. The perfect safe environment, with other kids and adults with similar abilities and assistance. And he did great!

We were even able to catch up with some old friends. Zachary and his mom were with us in August and Nick and Zach were paired off. They worked really well together and Barb and I were able to connect together. (She's the mom that runs Zach's List)

Nick had the opportunity to play,

and draw some Santa pictures.

Nick was not too sure about Frosty. He wanted to go and see him, but once we got close - he wanted to go away again!

But this guy!
As soon as Santa came in, all Nick could say was Santa, Santa, Santa!

It's too bad Katheryn missed it. She was upset that we went to a party without her. But we had our last conductive education class before the party, and there wasn't enough time or purpose to drive home and pick her up.

We did so much this semester of conductive education. I'm definitely going to miss it, and can't wait to start up again in April!

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