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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Learning and Working!

So we've finished 2 weeks of Conductive Education - and we are hooked!
Absolutely hooked!

Considering the amount of work that Nickolas did in the last 2 weeks (15 hours a week) he tolerated everything amazingly! He worked and he learned! He learned stories and songs. He learned that he has a whole bunch of people cheering him on. He learned about colours and weather, he learned he has choices that he needs to make.
Nick worked on standing, cruising, kneeling, stepping, kicking, kneeling, balancing. There is probably more, I just can't remember it all!

Here is playing with the oatmeal (we read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears). I had to really hold back from saying 'he doesn't feel that' or 'he can't move that'. Because won't he just show off something to prove me wrong!

Everything we did was meant to do something! But also be fun.
lets sit (on a bouncy ball) and listen to a story, sing a song, follow a routine.
Nick really hated this ball the first couple of times. He needed so much support. On Thursday he was able to sit on it all by himself! Sure mommy was sitting right behind him, ready to catch him, but he balanced himself!

Transitioning was important. No more lifting and carrying. When it's time to get up or over or down, he does it himself. We just offer assistance - boxes, or support or encouragement. So he knows that he has to do it himself.

And when there is something we want him working on, we want to make sure that it is fun!
What is more fun that kneeling up and popping bubbles?! Anyone?

And look at these cool weights!

One thing that we are working on is body awareness. So Nick has a ball between his legs and we pass it up to his hands, or kick is away or do something fun with it!

 This one was a bit of a bust. It was the end of the day and Nick would have NONE of it! These are barbie clothes handing down for Nick to grab. (This story was the elves and the shoemaker)

Most days we had a craft that we do (all sensory) that we get to take home. Nick and I got to decorate the Billy Goat Gruff!

And Oops! It falls down and we need to go and pick it up!

This is Lindsay - and Nick was in Love!

This was really one of my favorite things to do. Playing soccer with Zach!
It might look like I'm holding him - but I'm not really. Nick would get the ball and actually kick it to Zach! That interaction, that peer-ship, that looking and seeing other kids who are doing the same thing you are doing!

We've signed up the fall semester where we will go just once a week.
I wish we could do more, but it's expensive (OHIP doesn't pay, our insurance isn't covering it and we are looking at some different funding options, but nothing has come through yet). And we are also trying to fit the time into our schedule.

Some good/great news!

We start our new fall session in October. There is room for more kids. They are willing/wanting to make a spina bifida group! With focus on spina bifida related strengths/weaknesses.
I am SO excited to start again! (Except I was very happy to sleep in today).

So if you are in Ontario and would just like to investigate the possiblity of joining us (a consult) it is all through the March of Dimes. Mhairi is our contact. The more the merrier!


  1. Super cool! SO wish we had this available for Annabelle.

  2. Oh, that's so awesome. If only it were closer!!