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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SB&H General Meeting

I know, what a boring title!

I was invited to the SB&H general meeting to win an award. Good thing I got an invitation because while I had really wanted to go I was scheduled to work that day. But when I was going to get an award, I begged and pleaded until someone took my shift!

AHH! I was looking at the site to link here - and look who is front and center on the website for the Spirit Wheel Walk Run!! That's right! ME (oh yeah and Nick is in there too)!!! Spirit Wheel Walk Run: Enthusiasm and Creativity in Action

The meeting had 3 guest speakers. Dr Drake who is a pediatric neurosurgeon at Sick Kids (he isn’t Nick’s neurosurgeon, but a lot of our kids in our group has him) and he talked about shunts, and infection rates with shunt protocols. He also discussed the MOMS study from a neurosurgeon aspect.

The next speaker was Dr Ryan, he was a obstetrician at Mt Siani (again not one of Nicks/my doctors, but one of the popular SB doctors). He went of the MOMS study some more (at high speed), but also talked about bringing intrauterine surgery for spina bifida to Canada. He anticipated that there would be this surgical option in Canada in a year (how exciting is that?!) And also that OHIP has approved the surgery at CHOP (Philidelphia) which sets a precedent for other Ontario residents who find themselves newly diagnosed.

I was also excited about this option for an obstetrical nurse point of view as well. I could just imagine working with parents who just had the repair surgery. Something that might be interesting to pursue in the future (as if I had time).

The last speaker was Dr Wright, who is (Nick’s) orthopaedic surgeon at Bloorview. He started right at the basics and discussed research and what it means (a very basic review for me who has taken multiple research courses) but very helpful to the audience who were leargely not-medical. He discussed a new approach to orthopaedic surgery which is mostly hands off. Hip dislocates? Many years ago they would operate, but then they found that it isn’t that helpful. Scholiosis? It needs to be pretty bad to consider surgery. Club feet? Don’t go to surgery first.

That was the educational part of it (and I really enjoy the educational part).

There is also a puppet show. A company called Teaching Awareness through Puppetry (TAP) has a puppet with hydrocephalus - Andrew - and we got to see the first performance. It is aimed at kids in grade 1 – 3.
I think this picture is from a different company - but the idea is the same.

I got to meet people from the organization that I had just talked to via email. Then they gave out  awards. Ooo! That’s where I come in! And other parents who have been fundraising the last couple of years. Including Sharon Enis who recently wrote a book about her experience after her daughter Gabby was born with spina bifida. (here is a video talking about her book ect)
I recognized the other parents who got similar awards from their fundraising with the SWWR.

Oh and did I mention that in our recent Current Magizine, I’m not in it just once, but twice! Our walk from last  year and this year.

This fundraising thing is a lot of fun!

And talking about fundraising – it’s calendar time again! Just $20 gets you a cute calendar, a chance to win money and knowing that you are helping a great cause! Just contact me for details!

Nick thought the award was fun to play with!
Wow you can see through it!

Is this yours mommy?

 But i want it!


  1. Oh, too cute!! I'd give up the award to that little face ;)
    The family that was approved for the surgery through OHIP is in my area - I just met them finally last week! She didn't end up doing it though, they found some other thing that excluded her... unless there are other moms since then who have had it done? Pretty exciting that it will be done up here so soon. Makes you wonder sometimes, eh? We have Kids on the Block at our children's centre as well. I'm already set to demand they go to King's school in a few years. I remember seeing them when I was a kid!

  2. Looks like a great opportunity for you to attend. :) I just caught up on your previous post about the stairs too! Way to go Nick!! That is just awesome - and scary - gotta watch him super close now momma! Jet has always been a good and noisy stair climber so I could catch him if he somehow go through the gate. But recently he's perfected his skills and become quite the silent, speedy climber! He "jetted" his way up the stairs without me knowing it last week! I looked around and was gone - up in his room playing! Eek! Don't tell Daddy...shhh. ;)