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Friday, September 30, 2011

Splish Splash

Baths are a big thing in our house. I have some water babies – am I surprised? I would spend half the day in a bathtub if I could! Katheryn eats dinner then announces to the house “Who wants a bath?!”

I talked about bath time earlier this year. And Nick hated his baths. He had a bath ring to keep him upright. But he's been too big for it for a while now. I've been putting Nick in the bath without the ring, but he just wasn't able to hold his balance in the water.

I talked to the occupational therapist in June about something we can do to help. Because I tried multiple times through the summer to put Nick without the ring and he just wasn't able to keep himself upright. So we had someone out to the house to show us some stuff that was available. (I was also looking for support on the toilet).
This minnow bath support was what he brought to show us.

It looked good, if we needed it. But (and this is a big but) it is big. It would give Nick lots of support so he could have a bath... by himself. There wouldn't be enough room for Katheryn in the tub as well.
So after 2 months of humming and hawwing if we wanted to get this, our insurance agreed to paid for it.
But I really was uneasy about getting something that would interfere with Katheryn and Nickolas play time together.
So before putting an order in for some kind of equipment, I wanted to try keep trying Nick in the tub.

And success!

You'd think I would have had more than just my camera phone!

And he's only getting better!
He is loving the ability to move around in the bath tub!
To be where the action (aka water) is!

Katheryn really likes that Nick is more mobile.

She's also notices Nick's scar on his back, she was kissing it and saying he needs a bandaid. It was a bit of an opportunity to talk about it, but she went on to playing hippopotamus and wasn't listening to what I was telling her.

Hippopotamus? You ask.

See the similarities?

In the meantime Nick has discovered the joys of exploring the bathtub.

And he keeps trying to stand up and reach things outside of the tub

I should mention that he proceeded to fall out of the tub and onto his head immediately after I took this picture!
But everything was good! Mommy was a little shaky! But Nick thought it was fun!
Sometimes I forget I have an almost-two year old on my hands!


  1. We have the same bathtime problems! He outgrew the ring seat, we have a custom seat like that second one, but it's way too big and means he can't bathe with the girls, which means bathtime takes forever and no one has any fun because they all want to be together. Dismal. I can't wait until Kingsley is more stable sitting on his own. In the meantime, we're going to have a custom seat made that is like that second picture, but with much shorter bars in front. Hopefully. Oh, complications you never thought about before hand, eh? So glad Nick is doing so well on his own! I lol'ed at the hippo. Totally see it!

  2. we still have the bath ring! She is outgrowing it fast though :( haven't tried her by herself. I'm scared too! She loves the bath, but hates going underwater, so I'm afraid of her falling under the water and not wanting a bath anymore! Will have to take the plunge and see how she goes tho! Your waterbabies sure look like they're having fun :)