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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh No! Bath Time!

I have a bit of a confession. Nick hates his bath, he usually cries the whole time and so I am usually rushing through everything as he cries away. But he has to be clean. So as I'm trying to wash his hair and wash all the shampoo out - trying to keep it out of his eyes - he is really not a happy camper.
Katheryn on the other hand LOVES her bath, she would live in the bath tub if she could! Even when the water is cold, I still have to drag her out of the tub.

Today I tried something different. I actually wanted some bath tub pictures for a photo book I'm doing for Nick to look at. So today was a more relaxed environment. No hair washing, just water, bubbles, toys and fun.

As usual Katheryn loves making him laugh. Splashing and kicking and giving him toys. He really didn't like getting water kicked in the face - who does?!

But after a couple of tears and encouragement that no, he really was fine.

He cheered up!

And surprise, surprise, Nick started to really enjoy his bath. He played with toys and watched what Katheryn did. And I got smiles and laughs. Something that I am still watching (is he back to normal - did he smile/laugh more or less before).

So hopefully we are in a new age for bath time. I remember that Katheryn went through the same phase of hating her bath. So hopefully he is entering his bathtime-isn't-that-bad phase.
Because bathtime that looks like this is really fun!

And afterwards some warming up with Pooh (ok that just sounds wrong). Winnie the Pooh - actually I think it's a tigger robe.

 And then bundled up in a tracksuit and play with his toy in front of a warm fire.

Does it get any better than this?!


  1. He looks pretty happy there! Maybe a corner turned. At least until you have to wash his hair again.

  2. NOPE! Happy babies are the best!! Yay for bathtime!

  3. YAY for bathtime!!! I hope he starts loving it. I love bath pictures! And I love that he and King have the same *cough*illegal*cough* bathring! :)