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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Am I doing enough?
Is there more I can do?
Why can't he do this, or that or something else that I see other babies with spina bifida doing, who are at similar levels.
Should I try to get him more equipment?
Does he need more equipment?
What are we supposed to be doing with physio again?
Is that enough? Too hard? Too easy?

Will he ever do this? do that?
Why can't he do it now?!

Am I babying him?
How should I push him harder?
Am I missing something?
Should he be doing that?

Are we reading enough?
Are we playing enough?
Is he sitting too much?
Has he crawled enough today?
Is he getting enough stimulation? Is he crying because he got too much?
Should we go out more?
Are we sleeping enough? Too much?
Is he eating/drinking enough?
Did he get all his fruit/vegetables/grains?
Did he get all his meds?
When did I cath him last?
What was his poop like?

Why isn't he talking?
Should I be doing something more?
Just say mama or dada or doggy! Please.
Do I talk enough with him?
Should I have gotten him an assessment sooner? (we go Feb 1)
Should I get more therapy?

And that is just all about Nick! I'm not even going to get into Katheryn or me or Kyle or finances or cleaning the house, cooking dinner, laundry, exercise, diet or when was the last time I went out with friends, or with Kyle. And poor Sammie (our dog)!

I guess what I should really be asking is:
Is he happy?
Is he loved?
Are we all?
Well, case closed. (for now)


  1. I worry about all those things too. I try to tell myself to go back to the things I can say for sure are happening - the love, the happy baby - but sometimes all that other stuff takes over my brain.

  2. are you in my head?! lol :)
    we go Feb 2nd! (are you meeting with Ainsley?)
    looks like I won't be at anymore SB groups...I have to work every Thursday night :(

  3. Have you been reading my mind again?? It's starting to creep me out. lol. We're getting a hearing test next monday and meeting with a speech therapist for an evaluation in the coming weeks. Jet's not a talker - but then I hear about a million other "normal" kids who didn't talk till they were 2, 3, 4 and then wouldn't shut up. So it's hard to know wether or not it's just Jet...or SB...or what. But I guess it doesn't really matter. We're all just doing what we can and lovin our babies like crazy! :)

  4. Get out of my head!! ;)

    Good luck with the assessment. :)