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Monday, January 31, 2011

No Day like a Snow Day

So I'm a bit late posting this. This was our weekend a week ago, when we decided that we had stayed in the house too long, and would go out and play in the snow. It had finally warmed up to a -5C.  So we headed off to play with cousin Madison!
Nick was less than impressed with being all bundled up in the snow.

The original plan was to go sledding, but the kids are still a little young for some hills. So we just pulled the kids around the backyard.

I got this perfect sled for Nick that has nice high sides, and a seatbelt. And because we've lost his snow pants, he is piled high with 3 blankets, 2 pairs of pants and lined splash pants. I think he has on Katheryn's pink, red and purple gloves, and the hat he hates,

We were outside, with the snow coming down. And Nick decided he had had enough, and the adults decided to agree with him! Katheryn isn't that happy anymore - but Madison (my niece) is still having a blast and hamming it up for the camera!
Now that everyone is all rosy cheeked and rosy nosed we headed inside to run around. Nick has decided to all of a sudden become a picky eater, boycotting any type of fruit or vegetable that isn't banana's decided that the plastic pineapple was still ok to chew on!

Don't know if I'm just asking for trouble writing about a snow day 24 hours before we are getting a snow storm.


  1. haha! Classic - Jet wasn't a fan either but the pictures are worth it! :)

  2. you're braver than I...taking the kids to school is enough outdoors time for me! lol
    Not looking forward to all the white stuff we are supposed to be getting.

  3. LOL!! I don't think Kingsley has been out in the snow at all, except when we're going to and from appointments. I am dreading the dump. Bad timing all around! But it can't be worse than the 110cm we got in December. ;) Maybe if you post enough about it, it'll pass over!