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Saturday, January 8, 2011

After surgery

Here is Nick in the recovery room. I am sure the nurses thought I was crazy when I pulled out my camera (I know Kyle does). But it took a while for him to wake up. At first he would open his eyes a bit of a flutter when I called his name. But he was just really out of it.
We were in the recovery for over 2 hours, letting him sleep, watching him sleep, touching him, praying for him, thankful for him.

Something that really gave me a kick and made me laugh... Pink highlights! Yeah Nick got his first dye job! Looks like something I tried to do when I was 15!

The next morning Nick was allowed to have something to drink. After trying different sippy cups (we didn't bring the ones that he liked) I decided to give him his milk in a bottle. I think this is the first bottle Nick has had (we went straight from breast to sippy cup). He thought it was great and kept moving it around in his mouth - no hands!

He wasn't really bright eyed until about 4pm Saturday afternoon. Right around the time Kyle came to visit. I gave him a cookie and he just devoured it!!! Look how bright eyed he is!

When Nick gets tired he sucks his thumb in one hand, and twiddles his hair with his other hand. Well, his hair is up in the bandage. Boy did he destroy that bandage! he kept tearing it apart. We ended up running tape around the whole thing trying to keep in intact for one more day!

We did order dinner for Nick, but he only ate 2 french fries - probably not the best mommy-idea for the first meal. But he kept what he ate down.

This is breakfast the next morning. Nick did make an effort to eat, but he really only ate about 1/2 of this hashbrown. One of his favorite  foods. Not the appetite that he usually has. I guess just time will tell. But his appetite has to be back before we can be discharged.

Katheryn did not visit (I didn't want her to) but we did bring a picture for Nickolas to look at. he liked looking and touching the picture.

We moved to another room and were able to get some more mommy cuddles in a nice quiet room. And had some sleep at the same time.

After some quiet time, some rest and some tylenol we decided to try again for a meal. Something light and something he'll like. Yogurt and PB&J.

Success! He INHALED a giant thing of yogurt - he kept chasing the spoon - a very good sign. And then just tore apart his sandwich himself!

So it was a GO FOR DISCHARGE!!!!

I got so much support for everyone on facebook, and my blog and my family and friends through blackberry (yes we are totally plugged in), and of course people we actually talked to in person. It was very nice reading comments and knowing that there were so many people thinking and praying for us. People who had been there, done that and knew how hard it is.
At such a tough time, just a couple of words really helped.

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  1. Oh, pink highlights! So cute and yet so sad! His pale little face in the first one just kills me. I love the picture of him and Katheryn. I found that helped Kingsley a ton. He loved staring at his girls and playing with their pictures.