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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's just hair...

Because I have always known that another surgery is inevitable, I have considered what I would do with Nickolas' hair when that happens. I know that in the scheme of things hair is really no big deal. In the range of things to be worried about, or think about hair, should be pretty low on the list.
But at the same time it gives me something to do.

I took off Nick's bandage today and I knew I had to do something. His scar, while over the old scar, is bigger, and he has a large bald spot now on his temple. The incision actually looks better than a year ago, nice little sutures instead of that dark marker and glue.

This was a year ago - at New Years, and his shunt was almost a month old. I didn't really take any pictures of it then, I tried covering it up mostly and it took a while for me to look at it without cringing inside.

But I'm glad that Nickolas already had his first haircut and that this wasn't it.
The first time Nick's haircut made him look older. This time I think it makes him look younger.

My original plan had always been to shave his head, take away from the bald spot by just taking all the hair! Then I noticed that Nick plays with his hair when he sicks his thumb. Well, I wasn't about to take away this coping mechanism just because I felt like it.

Then I noticed that Nick really didn't want anyone to touch his head. So any type of shavers were right out of the question. It was back to the old hand-held scissors and as short as I could make it.

I went to this task with a heavy heart. While I had thought about what I would do, I really didn't want to give him any kind of hair cut. We had already done this! It was fun, this was not.

First came Nick's first bath to try to get the blood and pink dye off of him. Alot easier said than done! The soap and water didn't do a single thing to get rid of any of the pink or red! Maybe if I scrubbed, but Nick was not having any of that!

So I just started cutting, one side of his head was completely matted and just a complete mess.

This was about half way. I had finished most of the good side and had to figure out what to do about the other side. If I was trying to make him look and feel better i couldn't leave that side.

I finally got the bright idea to try the Re-move stuff to get rid of adhesive tape. This worked very, very well. Unfortunately I only got one little pad and will need more. But for now I have a finished product:

I guess it just has to be a work in progress.
And it's just hair.


  1. He looks good! What a great job you do with haircuts. I get nervous just trimming our dog's hair. ;) Glad he's doing better.

  2. I love his haircut. You can see his sweet face and beautiful eyes much better. :) But he DOES look even more grown up. Eek!

  3. He's so cute! He looks so much like a little boy instead of a baby.

  4. It'll grow back over his scar so quickly, you'll be amazed! And in the meantime, can't fight that adorable face. What a doll.

  5. Awwww, he looks so cute! I was really sad when the neurosurgeon came in with a bag of hair from Madi's first "hair cut". Then a second, and a third, and I finally told him to stop, because the only hair I wanted was from when I got to cut her hair myself!