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Sunday, January 9, 2011


We got the 'GO' to be discharged home! So then Kyle and Katheryn came to pick us up! Katheryn hadn't visited at all and was asking about us all the time!
I stayed the whole stay and I didn't want Katheryn to come to the hospital and have to leave without us. Also we were in the observation room until the last couple of hours of our stay - so we had a little corner with the crib, a table and an oversized chair. And so did the other 3 kids in the room. It was for kids who needed that extra level of care, so there were always 2 nurses in the room too.
I think that Nickolas missed her too!

There were lots of kisses and hugs (Nick wasn't THAT excited) but she got him laughing - something we hadn't heard for a couple of days!

She's telling him about everything  he's missed at home!

And trying to make him laugh!

We got our discharge papers, packed the car (how did we collect so many bags in just a couple of days) and were on our way home!
One question they kept asking - is he back to his normal self? Well... not really, and that is the question that drove me crazy, I did want to go home, but he was more tired than normal, more cranky than normal. But he finally had something to eat (and kept it down). He was only 36 hours after anesthetic, and had just had BRAIN SURGERY!!! Who wouldn't be cranky and tired after that. Oh yeah and 72 hours in the hospital being woken up every couple of hours, poken and prodded.
How is he supposed to be back to his normal stuff! What if I say yes, and we get home and need to come back? But they seemed to be satisfied with my answers and what they saw.

After an ok night (Nick threw up his milk once we got home and didn't eat much for dinner). Oh oh, is this a symptom, is this an upset stomach, do we call, do we wait?! I think milk was just a little heavy for him.

Nick was more bright-eyed and ate breakfast and his milk. Still very, very cuddly but his old stuff was starting to emerge. And I got a couple of posts off to ask opinions of other moms.

It's so hard when I'm the one who is supposed to know everything. And to watch out for symptoms that may or may not be there, may have an alternate explanation or be the thing you are supposed to be looking for. AND from our experience the symptoms for the revision and the UTI were not the ones that I was originally told to look for!

I was very happy when Nick wanted to start playing. Yup there is my boy!


  1. When Caleb has his revision in October, it took him several days to seem "normal" to me. He was more tired than usual for awhile. I imagine it took his body time to adjust to the new pressures in his brain. Nick looks great. I'm sure he will perk up quickly now that he is home.

  2. Oh, buddy! I hate when they aren't quite themselves. Makes me so sad... and nervous!! I hope he's back to himself really soon. He looks great! I LOVE the shots of him and Katheryn. There's nothing like siblings. :)

  3. Aww you got to love brother and sisterly love! I am glad to see you are both home and he looks so good!