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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How far we've come...

Our year in review.

1 year ago, at the beginning of 2010 I removed the last of Nickolas' back dressing and let him lay in his back. That was how long ago we were. We were still learning how to do everything. We had not met anyone else with spina bifida and were just waiting for everything. Nick had already had 2 surgeries and 2 hospital stays, we had no idea when the next would be (there is always a next one) and we had barely been home longer than we had been in the hospital.

I won't go through the year, I am sure I would miss so so much. There is a reason I keep a blog and a journal - so I can write everything down and not have to remember everything, especially in order!

It is hard to imagine that one year ago we still had not had our first spina bifida clinic, we were just beginning to learn. I was just at the beginning of my maternity leave and not even thinking about what to do when it was done. I was still working on my masters research project (that seems so far away). Katheryn was just learning about her baby brother (her Nii) and we were still cautious about her being too rough with him. Little did we know how much he could take.

Looking over the pictures I could almost date them by the amount of hair Nick and Katheryn have!

We went from Nickolas who didn't like toys or anything in May (at 6 months when we started weekly physio) to a child who is army crawling and in a standing frame, eating everything in sight, and has his own favorite toys and books. He is a rascal who will do lots as long as he's on his mommy, but doesn't want to do anything when he's on the floor.

We've met moms and babies and children, we've lost family and friends, we've gained family and friends and we've learned patience and the importance of making small steps as long as they are forward.

2010 is behind us, for good or for bad, and 2011 will bring us lots of new joys and challenges and miracles that I am excited to be there and witness. 2011 - we are ready!

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