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Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas! Part 2!

Christmas morning!

The kids weren't quite sure what to think about it. Katheryn, who had already had time-outs for opening presents that were under the tree in the week before, wasn't quite sure what to make of a pile of presents in her stocking.
But they warmed up to the idea that these things were for THEM!

Katheryn liked  putting everything in her mouth - which made Nickolas laugh like mad! Nick just liked whatever he could look at that Katheryn didn't immediately claim as her own!
You probably can't tell from the photos - you can hardly tell in-person - but we have themed pj's. Katheryn and I go together (mint-green with reindeers) and Kyle and Nickolas go together - (blue-mint-green plaid). Maybe if you squint they go together?! I couldn't believe how hard it was to find something that went together and didn't cost alot of money! Next year I'll have a better plan!

After breakfast and presents we headed to my parents house for Christmas. Kyle and Katheryn (who weren't sick) were also able to visit his parents, but the rest of us will be there for back-up Christmas on New years!

 Nickolas had a long day, and passed out before dinner (he REFUSED to nap before that!)

Katheryn those the Christmas crackers with the hats and whistles and toys were the best thing EVER! She kept changing the colour of her hat.

 And once Nick got up, he got a hat too!

And because it was Christmas, we had to show off Nick's standing! Yes, that boy will let me put anything on his head! (Just long enough for a picture)

At the end of the day, what says Merry Christmas better than a reindeer underneath the tree?

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