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Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to Normal

Nickolas is completely back to normal. He is happy, he is playing. He is actually happier than he's been in a long time. More aware and more bright eyed. And I didn't notice anything when it happened.

He is eating up a storm again - but has started to be a bit picky with his foods. He refuses the breakfast I have been giving him for the last month or so, and won't just eat whatever is in front of him. I (grudgingly) suppose this is him getting older and developing his own tastes. But it was really nice that he would eat whatever I put in front of him.

We have also been able to get him up in his stander and do more physio again - another area I feel I'm failing him at! During December when we were all sick for 2 weeks he didn't go in it, and the week he was in the hospital and until he was back to normal we kept the stander in the corner.
(So he is in his stander in this picture - I just put his shirt over the frame because he was cold)

Now it's time to get moving again - literally.

Oh yeah.. There is my little boy! What a clown!!!


  1. hehe. So cute! I'm so glad he's feeling better and back to normal - and you're right, it is so hard being "the one" who has to make the call. We've all said it about - "it's so hard NOT KNOWING" - but the truth is it continues through motherhood. It's so hard not knowing! When our kids are not well - we battle within ourselves what to do. We feel silly if it's nothing and feel guilty if it is. Do I take him to the ER and risk him being exposed to something worse if its just a cold? Or do I sit here and wait it out and it be something big? I am right there with you. We ALL are. And no one can say "oh I get it right the 1st time 100% of the time." But what all CAN say is "I've loved my baby from the 1st time I saw him/her and I love them 100% of the time!" And really....which one is a better claim? ;) Love you guys and very happy to see you all home and healthy now.

  2. I'm jealous that he's eating anything!!! Oh, I'm so sick of baby food.
    I am getting so excited for a stander, but I totally know what you mean about slacking on the PT. I find it hard and I'm home all the time!