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Monday, October 3, 2011

Back on the phsio track!

So Nick hates physio,
he wants to crawl around on the floor all day, every day. He doesn't want to climb on the couch, or stand at the couch, or cruise, or walk, or go in the walker. We've taken a little bit of a break, not necessarily a break, so much as a hiatus, a vacation.

But now we are back on track. First order of the day?

(I got Katheryn to take this picture for me)
Nick really hates this. He isn't stable and he hates feeling wobbly.

But Katheryn (as usual) provided some more entertainment than the usual tv (even if it was Backyardigans)

That got a smile!

Which really meant that everyone had smiles!

And then it was Katheryn's time to help with some physio.

I know neither of them look very impressed - but they did like it (for a minute or so).

I'm hoping the new physio partner will help with motivation!

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