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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finding the right fit

We had some more walker try outs this week.

This one was a 'no'

It has the arm supports up high like what we want, but it was not very stable, or very wide.
Nick was very crunched in this walker and could pretty much sit on the edge of the walker and not do anything.

A little problem solving and adjustments were made for Nick.

This one worked alot better - except that it was way too high. We hope to adjust this - just waiting for approval, because it will be another loaner.

But it gives him the higher arms we were looking for - because Nick doesn't like walking in the regular walkers, because his arms are so low. He likes having his hands higher when he walks with me. I think it is because of poor balance and feeling safe. So we will continue to work on that.

We've been trying to find the right fit for Nick. But I think this is a good starter model that will work for Nick. It is light, not too fast, will get him used to walking in the walker. Because I know he can!

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