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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picture Perfect

In the middle of this past week of sadness, there was some bright spots, and (if I do say so myself) some beauty.

We got our pictures from Alana this week, in the middle of the madness. (check out Alana's blog to read what she thought too).

It was so hard to pick out some favorites. They are ALL favorites. I can't even say a first, second or third favorite!!!

So I'm loaded them all up on an album. (But I guess I am posting some favorites if you don't want to go through all 40 pictures)

It's hard to put to words how much these photos mean to us.
They are beautiful, but more than that! They are us!

It is forever, it is happiness and laughter all bottled up in print (or pixels)

I couldn't wait to put them around my blog, and now I'm just thinking of where to put them all around the house.
I just wish there were more of Katheryn. But I completely know that what Katheryn doesn't want to do, she doesn't do. So when she's 16 years old and asking why we have all these pictures with Nick and not with her - well, she liked to be with Alana, where the action was.
And she flat out refused to come and join us in the pictures. (hmmm, I wonder if I can photoshop her in this one?)

And when we did coax her out, she had on her 'I'm not happy' face!

The kids LOVED the chair! It was such a good prop!

Maybe too good of a prop!

And of course we got him in the walker! Alana was able to colour Rosie to more of a red-rose. Perfect!

AND, my most favorite picture (yes I do have a first). I couldn't wait to see how this turned out. I wanted it for my header for my blog. I kept my summer pictures up until we got this one! And then it wouldn't let me change the picture all week (I had to upgrade to add more photos).

(And I do want full credit for our coordinating outfits). You know how much time and effort I had to put into these outfits! I thought about it all summer, and we even  had alternate outfits depending on the weather.

So THANK YOU Alana, THANK YOU Helping Hearts!!!!! We had a fantastic experience and will have these pictures in our lives for a long, long time.


  1. What a beautiful family! I love all the pictures. Children's Wish Foundation just granted our wish for a photo shoot and we had a blast. These pictures you will cherish FOREVER!!

  2. GORGEOUS PICTURES! I just love them all! You know how much I appreciate good photos and these are just perfect. <3 So happy for you! Can't wait to get our family pictures done soon!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't say it enough! The outfits ARE PERFECT! Naturally, I love Katheryn's dress ;) Exceptional taste there. And that's not just because my girls wore the same one in their pictures! I am still kicking myself over our outfits in our spring pictures. These things keep me up at night! Ah, see? And people would've assumed the shunt or something caused anxiety, but no, there it is. Coordinating outfits. I'm in a panic over Christmas already. Anyway, such gorgeous shots. I literally gasped when I opened it up and saw the new header. It's perfect.