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Monday, October 31, 2011

My hero! Happy Halloween

Back in August I was trying to figure out what to do for halloween costumes.

Then it hit me! Nick's knight! What a perfect costume, or a dragon and Katheryn could be the matching princess. So I asked Katheryn (because she cares) what did she want to be for Halloween (and this is back in August - I think she thought I was nuts - I know Kyle did).

I had images of doing a dragon or horse or something with Nick's walker. Yes, I did anticipate him walking with it, back in August. Little did I know how resistant he would be! Or how much he would hate it, and trying to find the right one.

Katheryn decided she wanted to be a princess. Then she saw me looking over all of the dragon costumes online and changed her mind and said she wanted to be a dragon. Luckily I know my little fickle girl. The costumes arrived (online shopping - thanks ebay!) A knight costume, a princess costume and a dragon costume. Also a dragon puppet for a prop.

Katheryn wore the dragon costume a couple of times, was upset that it wasn't green - her newest favorite colour. It was red, but she didn't really agree with mommy that all dragons are green, and red dragons are special.
So she started saying, very sweetly, that she wanted to be a princess. (imagine the head tilt and sugary voice "I want to be a princess for halloween). I did have in my head that we can have the whole family halloween costumes like last year. And have a queen and king, princess and knight. Or maybe a witch thrown in there, or the dragon puppet, or something.

But Katheryn has since said that she wants Daddy to be a wall and Mommy to be a potty. Umm, thanks Katheryn. I'm not sure what is worse (actually I do - who wants to be a potty?!)

So we've tried on our costumes, we know that they are adorable and cute.
We are ready to have our first time of trick or treating. We even have the buckets all ready.

Now all I have to do is convince Katheryn that she doesn't want to be a clown!
Maybe a clown princess?
But now halloween morning, everyone is all ready to get into their costume rules!
Including saving the princess and slaying daddy-dragon!

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  1. AAAHAHAHAHA!!! A POTTY!! OMG, that's awesome. A wall, I mean... that could be a castle wall? But a potty. Well, they do call it a 'throne' don't they?

    SO adorable!