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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just clowning around!

And no, these are NOT their Halloween costumes.
Their Halloween costumes have been thought about and bought for 2 months! Including the back-up costume.

This morning when I got home from work Katheryn told me that she wanted to be a clown today. I had just bought some face paint crayons, and thought 'why not?'
The kids thought it was great!
They LOVED posing for the camera.

I was saying to them 'say HA HA HA' and then they'd face each other and say 'HA HA HA'. Of course not looking at the camera!

Then Katheryn started to pick her nose. I said 'Katheryn, don't pick your nose.' Nick looks at me - gives me one of those smiles, and then the finger starts moving up...

Well they both thought that this was hilarious! (it probably did not help that I am taking pictures AND telling them not to do what I'm taking pictures of!)

It must be so great to be a kid. Clown faces, nose picking and silly, silly giggles first thing in the morning! (Actually it's not too bad being the parent either)

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