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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big Boy (tear!)

I know a little boy who is going to be 2 years old soon (2 weeks - eek!)
So Nick wants to show you what he got!

And when I see him on Katheryn's bed and how much he loves it, we knew that it was time.
The time for the Big Boy Bed.

You know, the one where they have a little more freedom. You can't just pull up the side rail and walk away, tell them to sleep but know that he won't climb out of bed. Nope, Kyle and I thought it was time to give Nick a little bit more freedom. To show him that he could climb out of bed if he wants to. A little independence.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only mom who wants my kid to get into trouble. Yes climb out of bed in the middle of the night, yes grab that toy you want, yes hit your sister back (oops did I just write that).

So the Big Boy Bed is kind of major.
Katheryn thinks the bed is great! She gets to climb into bed with him, she gets to bounce on the bed with him. And he gets to bounce on the bed with her!

We came up with the best idea! How to let Nick enjoy his new bed, but still give him the freedom to get in and out with his limited mobility?
2 levels of bed. The top mattress is a twin/single. Which gives Nick lots of room. Then the foundation or boxspring is a double/full. So Nick's bed has a step! A built in step.

We actually had to order the mattress and boxspring separately so when we had the mattress we just put it right down. But we got the boxspring all set up - it looks great!

We are working on getting him to back down the step (with the plain mattress he was going down face first). And I'm hoping that the conductive education and working with the plinth (the wooden table) he is getting comfortable pushing down like that.

So far, so good. Nick has been sleeping well in it. We even let him sleep in extra the first morning so that he could wake up and get himself out of bed!
He's such a big boy! (tear)


  1. Very cool!!!

    Although, there's NO WAY he's turning two in a couple of weeks! That just isn't right because that would mean Kingsley's turning two soon and that's just not possible!!! WAH!!

  2. Such a fab idea with the bed! We are thinking about the big bed too, this post has made me want to get her one more!