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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treat or Treat!

This halloween was definately fun!
Not only was I sewing like mad for the last 2 weeks - but I actually had Kyle dress up for the family theme! (OK dress up might be stretching it, a plaid shirt - that he said he'd wear again, and an axe - but I'm going with it!)
But it was actually very rewarding to sew up the costumes and plan it all. I had Little Red Riding Hood stuck in my head for months! (Even since Colleen wrote a post about planning for Halloween in August). And I searched and searched and searched for cute riding hood and wolf halloween costumes. But I could not find what I was looking for! But I persevered. With a little help from Martha Stewart I was able to hand-sew exactly what I wanted! (Yes I said hand sew - sewing machines don't like me).
But a very successful halloween costume day - if I do say so myself!
I think Nick enjoyed himself - much better than last year - when he got to dress up as well.


  1. You guys put me to shame! Here I am all worried about coordinating Christmas and Easter and fall photo's and it has never ocurred to me to do coordinating HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!! Oh, man! I'm such an amateur. Next year!!

  2. Love the belly picture. We did that to my belly when I was pregnant with Madi. I wanted to leave it on for the doctors but it came off.