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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today is all about Katheryn

I think it's time for a Katheryn post.

When I was pregnant and we first got Nick's diagnosis I was very concerned about how this would impact Katheryn. I was worried about taking away from her, I was worried about things not being fair. I was worried about her losing out and losing her parents to the needs of a younger sibling.
I worried so much for Katheryn.

If I only knew...

 It was love at first sight. He is the first things she thinks of in the morning, and the last thing at night. Her favorite thing to do? Run around and make him laugh, or throw things and make him laugh, or jump up and down and make him laugh... you get the picture.
Katheryn taught Nick to squeal and scream! She is helping him talk. Saying mamamama and dadada.

Katheryn is an itty-bitty thing. She is the older sister by 19 months, but is the same weight as Nickolas - she got checked out as 25lbs 8 oz today - time for celebration - she is officially BACK on the percentile charts! She is full of energy and is a very, very, very picky eater. I think this is part personality and part terrible twos - we are smack dab in the middle of that lovely stage at 2 1/2 years.
(WHAT?! it doesn't magically disappear when she gets to 3 years).

Katheryn is a stubborn, stubborn child. She knows what she wants and will do everything she can to make sure she gets it. She doesn't call Kyle daddy, she calls him wow. Started about 4 months ago, before that he was mom. But she did call him daddy for a while. Her first words. She is only now starting to call him daddy again. She'll start saying daddy, then stop and say wow. Like I said, stubborn child!
She LOVES Dora and Boots (all monkeys are boots) as well as the Backyardigans (Pablo is her favorite - that is the blue penguin), oops sorry we can't forget about Backpack and Map (also from Dora).

Her favorite colour is blue. She loves butterflies and balloons (mylar). She is finally talking in sentences, and I only have to guess what she is saying 10% of the time. She can count to 12, knows up to 5 on her fingers and can identify all the letters in the alphabet. Her favorite letter is 'W'.

She has Sammie, our Bernese Mountain Dog, wrapped around her finger and really likes telling him "oush" and pointing when she wants him out of the room. One of her jobs is to feed Sammie his food at night, as well as help mommy do the laundry.
Katheryn does not wake up well. From a nap, in the morning.. If you wake her up, you pay for it! Except for Nick. If you put Nick in the bed with her in the morning, she turns over, looks at him and smiles. Nick! Even when he's pulling her hair. (One of his favorite things to do).

In the morning she comes in and helps me "help Nick pee". She knows where all his catheter supplies are, and what we need. She only runs off with everything about half the time. She LOVES being chased!

I am sure that I am missing so much of what makes up my little girl.

I think I need to stop my post, Katheryn is climbing into my lap and saying "mommy tee-tell me" (tickle me).


  1. So sweet! Great idea to do a Katheryn post!! I loved getting to know her! You have two beautiful, amazing kiddos and I love reading about them both. :)

  2. ADORABLE. Its funny, I was just contemplating putting together a blog update just about Nicholas, afraid that I may update way more often on Alex. Katheryn is adorable, soooo sweet. She looks like a FABULOUS "big" sister!!!!

  3. She sounds so much like Cordelia!! Right down to the love of Pablo. It's funny how worried we are when we're pregnant - how we worry what the new baby will do to the first. And then they arrive and we realize that was the most useless worry in the world. Siblings are awesome.