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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Gold Star Day!

We are in the middle of our new physio block and Nickolas continues to show off his stuff! I'm not sure how I like this block stuff. What if he's still doing great work and oops, too bad - we're at the end of the block... See you in a couple of months!

He is starting to do circles on his belly. He'll go all the way around - no forward or backwards - but he's using his arms to move himself!

Let's see what else is Nick doing?
Oh yeah! If I put Nickolas onto his elbows and knees - he is staying there! Almost ready for crawling!!!
 How exciting is that!

And we got measured for our standing frame today. I'm not sure about the AFO's - I completely forgot to ask. Our physio was cut short today when Nickolas completely FREAKED OUT! Crying and screaming and refusing to do any work.
He was just really tired, and his teeth are bothering him, and we are trying to get him weaned, drinking milk from a sippy cup. And all of this on top of trying to get him to work, by showing him toys, making him work for them, and then taking them away!
I can kinda understand why he's so upset.

So he gets tired and upset and things are bothering him. But we are progressing well.
So today Nickolas is getting a big gold star! Way to go for working so well even though it was a tough day for such a little guy!

Another gold star goes to his sister - who is riding her bike a bit, and likes putting on her helmet (so she can be safe).
She doesn't get the peddling that much, but is working on it. But I can push her, with her feet on the peddles and she has a blast!


  1. LOL - was the helmet line a reference to Dora, or am I the only one with little girls obsessed with her?

    GOLD STAR for sure!! Look at him up on all fours! AWESOME!!

    My heart jumped when I read 'standing frame'. Are we there already? AFO's!! If your baby is growing up, mine isn't far behind. YIKES!!

  2. GOLD STARS and FIREWORKS!!! Yay Nick! :)