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Monday, September 27, 2010

Meterstone Monday

There are milestones and there are meterstones. Not quite a mile, but still moving forward, one meter at a time.
So here are some of our meterstones:

sitting up straighter
sitting unassisted for extended periods of time
lifting arms up when sitting
reaching to side and turning upper body when sitting

reaching to sides when on belly
lifting arms when on belly
superman flying pose
brings knees up/side when on belly
reaches up when on belly
moves in a half circle (both sides) when on belly

Puts some weight on feet when supported

throws toys
pulls off socks
picks up cheerios
pulls hair
does high five

laughing, giggling
blowing raspberries
will make noises back and forth - 'conversation'
Will sometimes understand no

Has 4 teeth!
Has a schedule
Eats crackers, toast, noodles and anything he can find on the ground

All of these are big things in our household!
So way to go Nickolas! for showing off your newest meterstones!

And his biggest supporter...

As a PS - If you love those hats as much as I do (thanks Jill for the site) check out http://www.petalbabies.com/
Katheryn is actually wearing Nick's hat - she kept taking his off and trying to put her purple one on him!


  1. As a matter of fact, I DO love those hats as much as you! ;) That's a gorgeous shot of Katheryn.

    Metrestones - I like that! It's funny, I was reading the list thinking: check, check, goal, goal, goal, goal, check, goal, goal... Is Nickolas doing all of those? WTG!!! He's making so many gains! Hopefully King will have met some of those in the next few months as well. I would be thrilled!

    ...okay, I'll be thrilled even if he didn't. I'm easy to please! ;)

  2. That's quite a mouthful in that pictures there Nick! lol. You are such a cutie pie and big boy doing all those wonderful things! :) Keep up the good work and stay on that track and you'll be crossing off mile after mile.