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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's harder than I thought it would be

With a title like that, I could really be talking about anything, be it with our spina bifida journey or separate from it. When reading and imagining what all the hard stuff would be, this would never have even crossed my mind. I can do this, no problem. This will not be a challenge. I know the importance of this, and it will be on the top of my list.

So what is it? What is this simple-tough thing that I'm finding hard? OK suspense over. Not babying Nickolas. Not treating him like a baby and letting him do things.

I don't want to baby Nick, I do not want to treat him any different than his sister or cousin or any other child. But I think I might be doing it. He is moving out of the baby stage - he is 10 months old! and I'm afraid that I still consider him a little baby.

A prime example.
We go to the park, Katheryn plays with everything and Nick stays under a tree, lying on the ground or in his stroller. Because he's not mobile he can't play. I don't think I actually thought that, but that is still the end result. I have pictures of us at the park, and there he is, underneath a tree on a blanket while the kids are running around the playground.
Luckily I recognized this. So out he came from the stroller, I carried him around the park with me and we tried out some of the park toys.

We bounced on the bouncy teeter-totter thing, he twirled in this twirly thing and he swung on this swingy thing. This was a brand-new park and had a lot of things that I hadn't seen before (and obviously have no idea what the names of them are). A long way from the simple metal teeter-totter, metal slide, plastic S slide and swings that we had in our parks.

Nickolas had a lot of fun! And Katheryn had fun playing with him as well. The twirly thing was like a bucket on a pole. So Nickolas was able to sit in it and Katheryn and I twirled him around. He laughed so hard! His eyes were rolling around in his head because we got him really dizzy. I put Katheryn in the same thing and twirled her once - but she got scared and started screaming! But she had no problem twirling Nickolas.

They also had a large disc that was on 4 chains that you were able to lie on and swing. Nickolas lay on it and Katheryn liked pushing him and swinging him.
They had a little bit of R&R on the swing together as well.

So that is it!
No more babying Nick. No lying him down and setting him in the corner as other kids are able to be more active and play. Nickolas is still a baby (I think I'll always think of both kids as babies) but he is no longer a baby-baby.

Nickolas is growing out of his inactive babyhood and it is my job to ensure that he gets to appropriately play.
So we had a little speed bump and now I recognize that it will be harder to keep from treating him like a baby. But I like to think that I'm up to the challenge.

FYI I learned that when you go to the park do not dress your kid in dark blue or black. When Katheryn was running around and would get out of site and I was looking for where she was, the navy wasn't bright enough for me to identify her. I ended up looking for that little orange headband to keep an eye on her.

I have also learned that while Katheryn does not like twirly rides, she has no problem with climbing up ladders. But cries and screams when she gets stuck (4 ft off the ground)! Especially when I have my hands full with a poopie diaper and can't help her down. Thanks to that unknown mother who helped her down for me!


  1. For what it's worth, I find it really hard not to baby both of my babies!! Cordelia defiantly refuses to let me very much, despite my best efforts. Kingsley just laughs at me. I think it's because after the first kid, you realize how short babyhood really is and you try to milk it for as long as possible instead of rushing through the stages. I keep thinking - he's got his WHOLE LIFE to do xyz, but he'll only do the baby things another month or so. :( I just need to keep having babies. ;)

    Glad Nickolas had fun at the park though! I love those round swings.

  2. Awww! I love the pics! And the part about needing more than 2 hands cause you're changing one baby and other one is stuck on the stairs - crack up! I think about that all the time! I can hardly maneuver through life with just ONE! I can't imagine doing it with more. But I want more. So you're gonna have to keep giving me tips. :) You go momma! 2 kids at the park having a blast - SUCCESS!