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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not wanting to leave maternity leave...

August has come and gone. That means that ... gulp ... fall is right around the corner. Fall means thinking about going back to work. I have never been so glad and thankful for the one year maternity leave. I’m not back until November 11 – it just seems to be creeping up that much faster. I said I wouldn't think about what I wanted to do until summer was over. September (to me) means summer is over - you wouldn't know it from our heatwave though.

While it will be nice to have some more adult human contact, I’m not that excited to go back to work. Then we’ll have to juggle the physio, doctor appointments, tests and my work schedule. And then there is the question of part time or full time? Going back to the hospital only, or apply to a college/university?

I just don’t know.

So far all the extra appointments hasn’t affected our lives that much. I just have to talk to Jenn (Katheryn’s daycare) about changing dates or times. No big deal (Jenn is an absolute Godsend!!!). But when I’m back to work I can’t just say yes I’ll take that first date. And I can’t get a consistent day off every week.

And we are doing physio once a week, OT might be in the future soon, hearing screening and whatever therapy might come from that, paediatrician appointments, urology tests, SB clinics and the SB group (something I am NOT giving up when I go back to work). Then we need to add Katheryn’s speech therapy as well. That seems like a lot, and it is not all the time, but these are just the appointments I keep thinking of when I imagine going back to work full time – and jamming all of those into my free time. Not to mention working on physio, speech and playtime at home.

No wonder I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed when I think about work!!!

I guess that is just the story of going back to work with 2 kids.

Talking about 2 kids....


  1. I go back next week, and I am so, so, so dreading it. The tension in my body is rising and I can't sleep well. I had a horrible dream about leaving Charlie. I feel your pain.

  2. Ohhhh!!!! You made me all anxious just thinking about it. I haven't formally said anything yet, but I'm not going back, I just can't. Not just because of Kingsley, but it's all 3 of them doing different things: JK, preschool, appointments... I'm so incredibly thankful for our year off.
    Haha, I was just remembering going back after Cordelia and how I dreaded it so much that I found with the + test with King the day she turned 1. :p
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!! In the end, you just have to decide what's right for your family and remember that if it doesn't work, you can always change your mind.

  3. Oh yuck! I go back the end of September, and while I can't wait to get to know my kiddos (I teach 3rd grade) at school, I am not at all looking forward to leave MY Paisley and Beckett!!!!

    I know its hard, and I just try not to even talk or think about it!