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Friday, September 3, 2010

More the same than different.

There is a SB group I go to the beginning of the month.

I really enjoy going. I missed it during the 3 month summer vacation. I enjoyed seeing how the other children are growing - when else is new with them, and with their parents. Our stories are mostly very similar.
What I like the best is realizing and watching how the kids remind me so much of Katheryn and Madison and other children I know. This is what Nickolas will grow into.

Everyone says how a child with spina bifida is more the same than different. And I do believe that. It just hit me that I could see it.
Sitting with other parents and their children, I didn't see braces or that they couldn't move their legs. I saw a child that was really interested in a specific toy, loved throwing balls, was exploring everywhere and who wanted to stare at the new baby.
I heard giggles and squeals and laughter.

I left the group uplifted. Sometimes getting caught up with milestones and developmental charts, worries and concerns it is easy to forget that at the end of the day, life is more the same than different.


  1. Amen momma! I have to stop and tell myself to "chill" sometimes. There seems to be so much pressure on our kiddos - they are watched so closely - as if through a microscope compared to the average child. It's easy to get so caught up in the details that we miss how the big picture is so beautiful - so normal - just what we feared we wouldn't have and now we're missing it! I agree. I think I see a blog post forming... ;) You always seem to do that to me! You're like my little muse. lol. Not in a creepy way of course. No worries.

  2. So true. I've been so caught up in the comparisons of the doesn't-do's lately. Thanks for the reminder that there are far more does-just-fine's happening than not!

  3. So well put! Thank you for that simple reminder that our babies are just babies. Lovely, perfect, brilliant, a-few-more-scars-than-most, strong children!!!!