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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Farewell to Summer

I always think of September as the end of summer, it doesn't matter if it's 30 degrees and humid and we are running around in shorts and tank tops. September means we are looking for that first red leaf, that fresh smell in the air and that nice refreshing breeze. I love wearing jeans all the time, and taking out my favorite sweaters and driving with the window down...

 I love the beginning of every season, but I think I especially love the beginning of fall. Fall is usually marked by the beginning of school - and for only the 3rd time in the last 28 years I am NOT starting classes. And that torch will be passed to the kids in the next couple of years (ouch). But for now, the beginning of fall can be marked by a special farewell to summer!

So we went to the beach! The last week of August my parents, the kids and I packed ourselves into the van and headed to Coburg beach, about 45 min away. This beach has beautiful sandy shores and nice warm Lake Ontario water at the end of the season and we had a beautiful hot, humid and sunny day.

Katheryn needed some coaxing to get into the water...

Nickolas needed to be dunked after he got overheated. Papa was happy to oblige...

A family picture didn't come out as planned. But who can get 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time, in a candid shot?! 

So thank you summer for some wonderful sunny and warm days, for encouraging me to get out of the house, when it would have been easier (and lazier) to stay inside. For warm water, beaches and cottaging fun, pool sides and outdoor parties, picnics and vacation time (so family can enjoy summer with us).

But I'm ready for some cooler, faller weather, where I don't have to worry about screaming and overheating children, or sunburns and of course the wonder of fall foliage.


  1. oh the wonderful Cobourg beach :)
    I love jeans and a sweatshirt too! This weather is perfect.
    I see you discovered Port Perry park as well this summer, such a great place.