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Monday, October 18, 2010

Today I am a mother....

I think in my post yesterday I was a nurse.
And I even feel a little guilty about that. I feel that I should have a post praising my Nickolas and all of the other children and families who are here today. Not 'defending' someone took all of the good out of our lives. Who reminded us that there are people out there who thinks that a child with spina bifida deserves to die, or to never be born.
But I also had to recognize that I once faced that agonizing choice. The trial by fire. But I emerged unscathed. I triumphed. And I have the scars to prove it! (I was thinking that metophorically, then thought yes I do have my c-section scar.) And Nickolas has his scar. His scar that I am so proud of.

But today I am posting about love and joy and a choice to take a step of faith. Today I am posting about the amazing mothers and children that I have loved reading about and getting to know. I am proud to be a mother of a child with spina bifida. I am proud to have made my choice.
Today I am a mother and I am proud.

Spina bifida is about so much more than doctors appointments, medical jargon and surgeries. It is about love, hope and faith. It is about laughter and joy. It is about a child who teaches the parents what it is like to live. It is about miracles and much much more than milestones and accomplishments.
It is about being aware and proud and about redefinitions. It is about finding a family who knows exactly where you are and where you are going. It is about finding confidence and courage that you didn't know that you had.
That is what spina bifida is to me.
This is what every mother who blogged over the weekend about how much they were devastated and disgusted about what had happened in our community. I think this is the blog that I should have written as a mother.

Please look at other mothers who took this opportunity to express their joy at their children who also have spina bifida, who are not defined by a medical diagnosis, and are the best things that happened to their parents.
Joanna and Jet
Jill and Kingsley
Nicole and Annabelle
?Jen and Charlie (sorry I couldn't find your name - bad me!)
Selina and Madison
Kimberly and Jonathan
Star and Tanner
Sara and Ruth
Stephanie and Nathan
Cassie and Caleb - definitely check out Cassie's site - she is showcasing different kids with SB every day this month! - Nick was there with all of his superstar buddies!
Kari and Toby this site also has postings from other moms as well - great central resource!
Mom Dugan and Brenden - sorry I couldn't find your name!

I am SURE there are more postings out there. On top of whatever is on BabyCenter and facebook.

And because it's Monday - Lets talk about some meterstones!
-babbling - FINALLY - dadada and bababa are the favorites
-getting on his hands and knees - when he is angry or excited
-resting on his knees and playing with something elevated
-following directions - putting a ball in a basket when asked
-Eating table food
-actually eating any food he can get his hands on - he's our little land shark!
-Not falling over AT ALL when sitting
-Reeeeeaching forward for things until he is allllmost over onto his belly
-Knowing what he wants - if he wants to put his fingers in your ear, he pushes your head away
-Sleeping (mostly) through the night
-Cut his 5th tooth!
-started on milk! (Goats milk - great for the constipation problem) though a sippy cup
-entered into a battle of wills with his mother (has alot to do with the above point)

Sorry no pictures!
I was crazy busy last week, I presented my Master's (of Nursing) Research at a conference (and won an award) - Yay for me! And things have not settled down since!
I promise picture this week!


  1. Great post! I remember when Jet started that "pushing my head" thing to look at my ears! lol. They can be so forceful! Or maybe that's just Jet...haha. But awesome job, Nick, on all your new meterstones!! And congratulations Momma on your successful weekend! You are to be commended. :)

  2. Fabulous week for Nickolas AND you!

    I think when you're in some fields, your work sticks with you even when you aren't working. I often find myself slipping into professional mode when talking to other moms. Can't help it! You see things differently, you relate differently. Occupational hazard. ;) It's good to have that perspective though. I'm sure one day I'll think back and be able to see this whole thing objectively. Right now, I think it just coincided with my own unrelated struggles and can only make me see red. *sigh*