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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Appointments, appointments... and ... wait for it... more appointments!

Our summer has been very, very busy!
I feel like I've been a little lax on the updating. Sure I've posted a bit, but not as much about what we are doing. Why? Pretty much because we are doing it!

We started physiotherapy at Grandview in June.
We continue to see Katie our infant development worker.
We continued with our private physio.
We had speach therapy with Katheryn
We had an MRI at Sick Kids
We followed up with neurosurgery at Sick Kids
We saw a developmental peditrician as part of a research study
We saw our regular pediatrician for a weight update (27lbs 9 oz)
We had the spina bifida clinic (split into 2 days)
We had the Conductive Education consult
And finished the summer with 2 weeks of intensive Conductive Education

We also had trips to the zoo, a number of weekends up at the cottage, a family reunion and a whole lot of birthdays (and 1 birth-day)! Oh, and I continued to work part time, luckily I have a great work partner and we were able to schedule around each other well. The joy of 12 hour shifts is that I work less actual days (or nights), you are just wiped out when they are done.

When I look at my calender of July - I have 5 blank days. 5!!! And August was the same!
Kyle claims I bring it on myself - and I guess I do.

But its summer time! Its the time to fill the days with fun things to do when you have time off. And fill the rest of the time with what you need to do!

At the end of the summer (OK I know its just the end of August and not actually the end, end of summer) I want to look back (and have the kids look back) and think that they had alot of fun with parks and zoos and lakes and cottages. And at the same time we have Nick in tip-top shape - completely checked out.
Neurosurgery cleared us for 1 year!
Spina Bifida clinic cleared us for 6 months.
We are nearing the end of our block for Grandview Physio. (and we have a borrowed walker for now, and will order one at our next visit)

We are investigating some other therapies. We have our private physiotherapist and a second private physiotherapist that is also an osteopath (and fantastic!) and we are going to continue the conductive education (weekly). So September is looking slightly less busy, but still productive. And some recreation activities.

I'm amazed at how productive and great Nick is doing!
In May Nick was not transferring lying to sitting. And now!
Pulling himself up to stand, climbing over a single step. Kneeling really, really well. Kicking up, down, side to side.

He has a couple of words too (weird words, and he'll say them for a couple of days and not repeat them). And when we try to get him to say something - he gives me a look, like he's saying - Ha! You can't make me and I will grace you with some words when I feel good and ready!

Hugs all around!


  1. I feel the same way! We've been so busy DOING that I haven't had a time to stop and make note of hardly any of it. It's a good feeling though. Our boys are doing so many new things. Onward and upward little guys! We are just now entering our couple months of non-stop appointments. Always 2 months behind you guys ;)

  2. I’m about to increase the number of appointments. I think that Logan qualifies for some OT to help him with fine motor delays and invest in additional PT to work on the big motor delays too. I requested a referral and a evaluation to be done next week.

    Our new plan is to do some more intensive therapy in public places like at our local park and swimming pool as well. I also hope that he will start doing some aquatic therapy in September. I know that it will benefit Logan. I’m excited and nervous at the same time because we have never tried aqua therapy before. Hopefully he’ll make progress. Like ordinary swimming lessons but adapted to suit his needs better. We have had several hospital appointments for Logan too. His urology PT and orthopedic appointments take up some of our
    time. I’m also considering investing in additional intensive OT for him to help him with his fine motor skills.