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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family, family and more family!

It was time for our annual family reunion!

A family tradition for the last 6 or 7 years - or is it more?
Everyone goes to the cottage for the long weekend
It's an annual event where we get to see family we might not have seen for a year,
it's where I announced I was pregnant with Katheryn,
where we discussed Nick's spina bifida diagnosis

Where we can catch up on life by the lake, by the fire, around the dinner table.

16 adults, 7 children and 1 teenager,
add in 5 dogs, 3 trailers, 4 tents and 1 cottage...

And we have a PAR-TY!

It wasn't all fun and play!
I had Nick working and showing off everything he can do.

Lots of standing!

Some crawling (with his new knee pads!) 

And being at eye level with his second cousins!

Katheryn got to play with the girls

We got to camp for the first time!
Kyle got us something called a cabin tent. It is huge! (this picture is in the entry way)

And the fresh air gave us all a chance to relax! 
Sometimes it's tiring with so much to do!

And of course there was LOTS of good food! 

Even some fireworks farther down the lake!

The camping may have been a little rough that first night
(See how the kids had their own room! This tent was AWESOME!)

But Katheryn got everyone happy again!

The concept of bed-time was a little lax  

And some people paid for it during the daylight hours!
I went into the cottage for something and found him like this!
Out Cold

 And Nick got to enjoy the water!

Even if he did try to drown his poor Auntie Laura!
But thanks for going under to keep my little boy above water!

Katheryn loved being near the water, but this was about as deep as she went!

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend with family. The weather was beautiful, the company divine and we all got some much needed R&R. Until the serious appointments start again for August!


  1. How awesome!!! I wish our family all lived closer so we could do more things like that. Such a fabulous family tradition. How can Nick be only 2 months older than King?? He looks so old!! Love that shot of him passed out on the floor, LOL!