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Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Walker - getting comfy!

I am so glad that I pushed so hard for this thing!
I am so glad that I knew it was the right time, even if I wasn't quite sure he was ready for the walker now, I still wanted it to get him used to it.
Becasue I thought it would take weeks of him getting used to it.
But he knows exactly what he is supposed to be doing with it.

We got the walker on Kyle's birthday (July 25th) and took it to the cottage for our family reunion (July 30-Aug 1). And by the end of the weekend, when you put Nick into the walker he starts moving his feet into steps.

Not actually walking, not weightbearing and moving the walker - but he'll hold your hands and pull himself and make the stepping motions. I think every day he is getting better and better!
Katheryn loves helping him to move his feet and she lies on the ground and pulls him over her! They both think it's great! Katheryn might not enjoy it so much when he actually starts getting it moving and walks over her!

Inside or outside we've been putting Nick in it. Sometimes it's for only a couple of minutes and then he fusses and wants out, and sometimes he'll be in it for a while. We go between using it when he's just staying still. And helping him to move, but telling him to step, and when he makes the step (one foot and then the other) we move the walker.

I still can't beleive how quickly he's picked it up! As soon as he's in it, he's stepping and wanting us to pull/push him. So he knows the motions, now it's using weight and motions to make movement!
He actually did make it move this week. And for what? Trying to reach the open door because he wanted out, he was reaching and moved it about 3cm - boy was he surprised!

When we were packing up the van to go to the cottage Kyle hadn't realized that I wanted to take the walker - the bulky, does not fold down, weighs 20lbs, pink walker. I told him that taking the walker was not negotiable. If I had to leave the tent and take the walker, I would.
We did get it packed. And we were able to have a tent over our heads!


  1. GO NICK!!! Only a matter of time and he'll be zooming! They don't call them babysteps for nothing ;)