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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something borrowed...

And it's shiny and pink!
The day came when we got to finally get our hands on one we could take home! (And I really don't care that it's pink, actually kinda purple. Maybe a Fuchsia colour).
I just knew that once Nick was at home, and Katheryn was there that he would take to it alot better.

This was walker trial #2. See how he's pointing to the floor, how he wants down!

When we got home I immediately put him back into it.
Katheryn saw him in the walker, crying and she said "Oh Nick, don't cry! Look funny face!" And was trying to make him laugh.

It worked for a couple of seconds, and then I let him down. I've heard from other parents that this is a normal transition period and sometimes it can take a while.
So we were working in little bursts of walker-trial times.

Katheryn also thought that the walker was a great toy for her.
See her I'm-not-listening-to-you face! How can you not laugh at this attitude! But she does know that she can't play with it.

When Katie (our infant development worker) came for our visit, Nick went back in!
And we got a smile!

And we got Nick to 'walk' to Daddy!
Nick was not too happy about this, but when he got there, he was able to get out!

But we eventually got Nick more comfortable in the walker, Katheryn making a large part of that happen.

 She thought this was great!

And Nick thought that this wasn't too bad of a thing to have too!

Even Sammie got into it! (Better watch out!)

So this was our first day of  walker borrower-ship. We have it from the preschool outreach program as a loaner until (if) someone in the program needs it. And in the meantime it stays with us until we decide what we want and what we should order for our  own.
I have a feeling that THIS is not the one, but it is perfect for what we need it for now - but I guess time (and Nick) will tell us what the right one is.


  1. Wanna swap walkers? Ours is a dark blue!
    Nick is lucky to have such a wonderful big sister helping him with his new walker, looks like hes getting the hang of it really quickly, he'll be whizzing around it in it notime!

  2. The 2nd last pic you posted of him in the walker....look at him standing so tall in it, not slouching over and such a BIG smile! Love it!

  3. Go Nick! So sweet to see big sister supporting him. :) I'm sure he's going to be walking around in that thing in no time! (or like you said...his time. :) that's more like it.) Love to you all!

  4. LOVE IT!! Even in pink! amazing how sisters can get you moving, eh? Literally, as I read this Cordelia was trying to strap herself into King's stander. Equipment is fun! Hopefully Nick realizes that soon!