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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MRI all done!

So Nick had his MRI done today.
I was pretty good with not worrying about it, until about a week ago. When I realized that general anesthesia is a bit major. I always think the whole tube down the throat thing (intubation) is automatic with general anesthesia. But that's not what they needed to do. Just some oxygen and sedation.

Nick started off pretty happy. Even if he hadn't eaten anything.
When we were leaving the house, he just kinda looked at us as if to say "hey guys, I think you are forgetting something here!"

Nick brought his knight with him!

Nick and daddy played with the coloured bubbles on the wall. While we were waiting to be called.

Then we got called into the room. Asked lots of questions - in triplocate while Nick thought that the stickers on the ceiling where great!

And he thought his new bracelet was pretty cool too!

After going through everything and what the plan was, we were able to ask our questions. And we got some more stats - 12.5 kg and 85 cm tall (which is great, because he hadn't gained wait from January - June). I was concerned that Nick was a difficult IV start. But he was going to have gas first and then the IV. The IV would give the sedation and when he woke up in the recovery room he we could come in.
They try to minimize the invasiveness, if he only needs oxygen for the 90 minute MRI great, otherwise a small tube in his mouth or a larger tube in his throat as needed. (He only needed the oxygen).

Then it was off to the cool waiting room!

Nick decided that he wanted to try out this neato machine.


Then we played at pushing the robot in and out of the machine. Lots of fun to play!

That's funny Daddy! 

Wow mommy, this is way to small for you! 

But perfect size for my knight! 

OK Mom, I got this test covered!

Nick was really, really good when we went in and he got the gas.
Kyle and I got to go in and touch him and kiss him. He didn't cry or anything. But when we asked him if he was sleepy, he shook his head! As his eyes are rolling around. Then we kissed him and left.

Had some lunch, shopped in the gift shop. And about 90 minutes later we were back.

Nick was pretty dopey. Kinda drunk. He had some problems sitting up straight and we had to make sure we were always there.
But he took some of his cup with minimal fuss.

Then wondered where this IV thing came from.
He kept trying to suck the end.

Lots of drinking, good vital signs and we were done!
I love this look! OK Mom and Dad, I am so done with this MRI business!

The car was 1 hour of very, very cranky baby!

 But once we got home he perked right up.
Ate some food

Drank his juice

And was back to his happy self in no time!

Now that we have one of these under our belt (his last/first one was at 6 weeks) I was thinking it was going to be so much worse! And he bounced back very, very quickly. But 2 people, lots of time, patience and reading material is a must! We were in and out pretty quick (6 hours door to door) and that was without any delays and we weren't bumped for any appointments!
Now we have to wait 2 weeks to get the results!


  1. Glad he did so well!! I hope the results come back quickly and that they are good :)

  2. What a brave brave little guy you have there :) He coped with it so well. Hope the results show no probs, looks like hes doing amazing though!

  3. What a relief, and what a good boy! The two weeks would KILL Me!

  4. Such a big boy! I'm glad it went well and will pray for all good things.

  5. TWO WEEKS!!! Geez! Why is it going to take so long? Well, I guess it was more routine, wasn't it? It's really not all that desirable to get a call from the neurosurgeon an hour after you get home, trust me ;)

    That waiting room is awesome! I want to play with that! What a little rockstar, so glad the day went well and he bounced back so quickly.