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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keeping Busy

We are half way through the summer, and it has not been a waste.
These 2 kids have been busy! busy! busy!
With cottages and parties, lots of kms on the car this summer!
My house I don't think is too happy with it's upkeep. But with faces like this... who cares!

We finished all of our therapies (PT/OT/ST) for now, and it is just waiting for ... gasp ... school to start before figuring out the next step for Nick.
He doesn't really know what school is about. I'm a little more worried for him than I was for Katheryn, I hope he will adjust well. And that stubborn streak (no you say what the letter is) will hold off enough for him to learn and have fun


I have 2 fishes now!
When we are up at the cottage they want to be in the water the whole time!
Nick still likes it shallow

Katheryn is starting to get more brave (even thought it doesn't look deal - you still have to walk a fair ways out to get to that level)

And she's so much more interested in swimming back!
We had swimming races, and since the water is so shallow my swimming turned into some really sandy knees

The craziness is never that far away!
The kids are drying themselves with the fan (Katheryn is behind starkers) playing model

I think they are really enjoying the summer so far

And Nick is always on the move - with whatever he can get his hands on!

Those canes were such a great idea!

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