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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I cane - part 1

I feel that it is time.
Time to challenge Nick, explore some additional options for walking.
Originally Kyle and I discussed forearm crutches, both amongst ourselves and with our physiotherapist at Grandview. And then when we had our spina bifida clinic and mentioned them we were greeted with a lot of negativity and I was thinking that maybe this wasn't a very good idea.
I had thought that forearm crutches would be more stable in the upper body for walking. But physiotherapy at Bloorview brought up the valid point that you are looking at a small bottom to balance on, as opposed to a large base of a quad cane.

So then we went back at looking at canes. Canes are not new. We used them for walking in conductive education in April 2012 through to July 2012. This is the video from Nick walking with them.

This was a year ago and I knew that Nick would be better with them this year!

In our current block of therapy, which is also our last block before moving to the school program, we have discussed a lot of things (including canes, crutches and bike) all fit into about 8 sessions, half Kyle went to and the other half I went to. It seems that every time Kyle went, they had some quad canes, and he didn't take any pictures or video, but from what Kyle told me, he found the quad points too cumbersome.

(I'm not sure why all the google pictures I can find are pink).
So I spent a lot of time searching online for some pediatric sized canes with or without the quad bottom, because I found the quad bottom at our medical supply store (except it needs a specific sized tubing).
Through physiotherapy they contacted a couple of medical supply places, but no one carried the pediatric sized canes. Looking again online they seemed to be priced about $60-80 per cane.

So we turned into a couple of do-it-yourselfers!
Kyle found some small adult quad canes for $30 each and ordered them.
They arrived this past week...

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