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Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the lakeshore path again

Today as our 4th annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run to fundraise and raise awareness about spina bifida.
Every year I want to make the next year better. Raise more money, get people out, celebrate where we are and who Nick is.

This year fell a little bit flat.
But the kids don't care. And really we are here to  cheer Nickolas.

As for the awareness part.
through all of the videos that I made this year, I think that awareness was raised.

We also had one of the SB&H board members, Claudio Cinapri, and his daughter Adrianna came out to cheer us on.
That was fantastic and unexpected.

So we got our 2013 picture

And then we were off!

The weather was so hot and humid. We stayed close and didn't go as far as we usually do
We also picked up a bicyclist for our walk! (Thanks Andy)

We took a quick break

And a cool down

And decided it was time to head back around.
I had worried so much that it was going to rain (and I was walking rain or shine). But it was nice and bright. And very humid (did I mention that already?)

And we arrived back at the park for our picnic.
Prime seating, nice and shady, picnic table, TONS of food and great company

And it was right beside the splash pad
It took a couple of minutes before Katheryn really got into the water, but once she did she didn't want to come out.

 We gave her some red cups to play with.
And by the end of it, all the kids playing the water had the cups!

After Nick ate, he wanted in on the action too!

I had packed for swimming in the lake (which was posted as unsafe for swimming) Yuck!
But I didn't have Nick's water shoes or his old AFOs. So he soaked everything!

So our 4th annual SWWR was a lot of fun!

Of course it is not to late to donate, if you wanted.
Nick's Cheering Squad - Ridding Family


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