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Friday, June 7, 2013

Wanting to ride

Nickolas wants to ride a bike.
He wants to be a big boy and do big boy things.

Katheryn likes riding her bike to get the mail when I get home.
She is so excited to get on her bike, and Nickolas gets excited to.

But he doesn't have a bike. Not really.

When I said he didn't have a bike, he got so upset.
Screw up your face, tears streaming and pathetically asking why...
And that was just me!
But seriously, he just broke my heart.

We brought him one time in his chair, trying to encourage him to move himself around in his chair more effectively. He still wanted a bike.

We pulled out the toddler bike he has had for the last 2 years.
He doesn't really fit in it.
It has plastic wheels

It's difficult for me to steer
He isn't able to actually pedal to move, he is fighting to keep his feet on the pedals to begin with.
He actually did keep his feet on the pedals significantly longer than I had expected.
But we spent more time readjusting his feet than enjoying the 'bike ride'.
It comes with a seat belt that kept him from falling off. But we had to readjust Nick's hips a bunch of times because he lost his balance and was off-centred.

The toddler bike is not working for us.
But Nick is riding a bike.
I thought about taping his feet onto the pedals.

Or trying to make a holder for his foot with the tape.

It didn't work. It lasted about half way to the mailbox.

Nickolas is happy about it.
He is happy the be riding a bike like  a big boy.
He is happy to be outside and playing with the other kids.
He doesn't know he's in a  baby bike.
But I know.

I want him to be in something that is appropriate.

We were very excited when we went to the bike fair in March.
Then we were on a break from physiotherapy, we weren't quite sure what we could look at for funding, and what we could afford. We asked social work for help and they gave us a list, we asked physiotherapy for help and we got a list and a letter to submit. But I'm pretty sure the only organization we qualify for, we used for conductive education last year.
And we kept putting it off. It's not like it is thousands of dollars, we could probably scrounge around our accounts for the $600 for the bike. It's just that it is $600 for a bike. And it was still rainy and cold and not bike weather.
But now it is, and we don't have a bike.
I feel like a horrible mom that we made the effort and then fizzled and didn't follow through.

I haven't stopped looking for the things that would make riding a bike easier. in April the fatwheels company came back  into business. ($99 for the wheels, $30 for shipping to Canada - shaves $80 off the original price). But we have done lots of online shopping and looking, but haven't actually done anything about it.

It has to move to the top of my to-do list!

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