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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting ready for school

 We had our meet the school day!
We got a bunch of papers and a whole binder for us to all get ready for school
And not only was it a school binder, with all of the information. But it was actually made for each kid. Or at least the cover was.


And inside there was a bunch of information.
All neatly organized!

I will admit that I haven't actually read the material. That is what September 1st is for, right?!
There is a section for parents, reports, therapy programs, pictures, tip sheets and a whole portion for 'All about me'
These are just some of the pages from that section.

Sending your child to school, I worry that they are away from me, on their own and potentially (because you aren't there and never know) with someone who just sees them as a number, part of their day, their job.
But for the entire time we were there, and looking over the material we received, I just didn't get that.
And I'm not worried about sending Nick to school in September.

There is a little booklet that is all about Campbells, with pictures of everyone. This is my teacher... my physiotherapist... my occupational therapist... ect, these are the people that help in my class... With pictures of everyone and names.
(Perfect for a mommy that is horrible with names)

We also got to see what the classroom looks like

At first Nick was very shy and wouldn't say anything.
His teacher and some of the assistants were there and kept talking to him and he sat there with his mouth shut.
They talked about parts of the class, including the half circle desk, where they sit and talking and do crafts and eat lunch.
Well Nick walks right over in his walker, then cruises along until he is in the middle. Asks daddy for a chair and says "Where is the food?"
And his shy-ness was over.
He even got to draw a little bit before it was time to go.
Campbell's is actually in Grandview children's centre, so Nick is used to walking the halls. But he hadn't been in any of the classrooms before. I think they only have 4 classrooms. 

 I missed the first 20 minutes, but they had a presentation and went over some stuff (Kyle was there, I hope he paid attention) and each kid got a name tag with a coloured dot on it.
So as we went around the school, other kids had name tags on it with stickers, and the kids with the yellow stickers were going to be in Nick's class with him.

It also gave us the opportunity to meet other parents.
Kind of. The kids come by their shyness honestly, we are not the most out spoken and social people. We didn't approach other parents, just kind of stayed within our own bubble. But did meet some very nice and outgoing parents.
 The thing that I cared most about was the bus.
How will it work, what time is pick-up. Get Nick on the bus and excited that he is going to be taking a school bus!
They had a lift, which was loud and bothered Nick a bit. And so I carried/walked with Nick up the bus so he could sit and look around. He did really well going up the steps himself and lifting his feet. But once we got on the bus, he was kind of blah about it.
I guess it's a bus just sitting in the parking lot. Not very exciting.
I didn't realize, but probably should have realized a couple of different things about the bus. 
He can't take his walker on the lift, it is only for wheelchairs. And he isn't 40lbs yet and would have to be in a carseat on the bus if he isn't in his chair.
We have the pick-up all organized about where, and found out probably when, but was told that by September the time will probably change.
And we have to think a little about what will be going to school with him.
I had thought he would primarily be using his walker to go to school, play at school, walk around school. Pretty much use the walker the entire day. And on days that they are going for neighborhood walks or some kind of trip he would have his wheelchair sent to school with him.
But now it looks like he needs his wheelchair on the bus.
So he'll be going in his wheelchair and taking his walker every day to and from school.
At least for the start of school (they said they try to get school-equipment so that he doesn't have to travel with his walker).
I guess that is one of the things that will work itself out (or not).
But so far I feel that we are pretty ready for school.
(Except I forgot to ask about cathing the whole time we were there - who/how/when). I guess I'll have to call to make sure that is set up.
3 months or so before school starts.
I'm a little nervous. But feel very prepared.

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