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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I cane - part 2

 So they arrived.
Of course they were insanely too big. But we still tried them out.

I wasn't sure how much support Nick needs or if he would like them.
Nick talks through the whole video, and we can hear how he likes them...

"these are my new ones... the ones at speech therapy (physiotherapy) don't work, they don't work. Only these ones work... not the red ones, the blue ones. I like blue"
As he holds on with only one hand, and starts to dance!
So then we had to figure out how to adjust them to fit him.
So Kyle took some measurements, took the canes, cut them down, made new holes and got them fitted better.
Nick took one look at them, grabbed them and started to go!
This was about 1 minute into his first time using them like this!
I was so surprised and happy that he got moving so well that I didn't pay attention to anything else.
Look at him walk! And count and dance!
Now that we know he can move with them (alone and without adult assistance) this opens up a whole world for him.
It will not replace his walker, but it can go places the walker is too bulky to go.
It can attach to his wheelchair and go with us. So that when we are at the zoo or the park he has freedom (and off his knees)
I was so excited when we went to physiotherapy!
But when we were there he was leaning over the canes like an old man. Not very ergonomically correct. They have already had concerns about the pressure the canes will have on his wrists (which was why we had thought about the forearm crutches).
So I have to keep an eye on it.
And it is lousy that we are now done physiotherapy until school starts in September.
But it's only been a couple of days that we have had the canes.
I am so excited! He is so excited! Everyone is excited!
He can(e)!!!!!

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  1. GO NICK!!!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! How amazing! WOW, BUDDY!!! Sending lots of high fives from here!