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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Movie Goers

So today was the big day!
We were going to the movie theatre for the first time!

The kids were super excited!
Not sure what they are doing the silly wave - But Nick thinks it's super funny to do everything Katheryn is doing

I even got our Access 2 Entertainment card out, that we have never used (usually because I forget about it), which allows a support person in for free (or in this case Nick's ticket was free - which I totally understand because he's a kid and of course he has to have an adult). We got something for free - so yay! Just showed the card and that was it (the wheelchair probably helped)

Getting the kids ready for the movie we talked a lot about what it would be like.
It will be dark, the sound will be loud, you can't talk, you can't kick the chairs in front of you, there are going to be people around that you don't want to disturb, you have to pee before we get in.
But there is popcorn!
The theatre is accessible, no problems there.
There is a wheelchair section in the front (but we didn't want to sit in the front), so we parked the chair and brought Nick to the best seats in the house!
The seats were nice and big, and the arm rest comes up. So Nick and I could snuggle during the movie. I was worried the sound would bother him, but he was find.
He actually slept through 90% of the movie (all snuggled up with me of course). But if you ask him, he says he saw the whole thing.
Katheryn had to leave in the last 10 minutes of the movie to pee - the giant cup of juice probably had nothing to do with that...
To top off the day we all went out for a family dinner
(Nick is getting more independent in his wheelchair)

We had a great waiter who was so engaging with the kids.
It was a perfect family day out!

And yes Kyle gave me a hard time to taking pictures all through the experience - but hey, they only have a first movie, once.

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